Fundraising Ideas: How to Get Venture Capital, Crowdfunding, or Bank Loans For Your Business
Instructor and Mentor
Professor Naeem Zafar
U.C. Berkeley School of Business
2-Day Online Workshop
Instant Access - Starts On Demand
Step-by-step guide for how to fund your business or idea—no matter how big or small
In this online workshop, we will show you:
  •  Step-by-step guide for how to fund your business or idea—no matter how big or small
  •  How to build a convincing pitch that investors cannot turn down
  •  How to build an investor target list
  •  How to pitch banks, family members, angel investors, and venture capital firms
  •  How to calculate the right amount of money to ask for (and how much you'll need)
  •  What to do immediately AFTER you've successfully raised capital
What you'll get:
  • 8 Video Lessons (4 released each day of the workshop)
  • Unlimited Access To Monthly Live Coaching And Q&A sessions with Professor Zafar
  • A Step-By-Step Guide to Successful Fundraising (Download)
  • 2 Workbooks (one for each day)
  • Bonus Lesson: How to easily build a financial projection model that's both believable and exciting
  • Guest Speaker Lesson: How to create a competitive bidding round (the way Investment Bankers do it) so that investors work on your timeline, not the other way around 
  • Excel Cost Structure Templates so you won't have to reinvent the math
  • Active discussion board for students and instructors
  • All materials will remain online after the workshop so you can catch up and review at your own pace
(All materials will remain online, so you can learn and review at your own pace)
Registration Fee: $299 $89 this week only!
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