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Elite, Practical, and Life-Changing Workshops
Upcoming Workshops:
Fundraising Ideas: How to Get Venture Capital, Crowdfunding, or Bank Loans For Your Business
Professor Naeem Zafar
U.C. Berkeley School of Business
You will learn:
 Step-by-step guide for how to fund your business or idea—no matter how big or small

How To Master Business Networking

Patrick Lee
Founder and Former CEO of Rotten Tomatoes
You will learn:
How to make meaningful business connections in any situation, regardless of your personality (introvert or extrovert), experience, or skill level
Marketing Strategy : Mastering the Mix of Digital, Affiliate, and Brand Advertising
Romain Galoisy
Previous CMO of Munchery and VP of Marketing at Zoosk
You will learn:
 Step-by-step guide to designing a Marketing system that wins for your business 
Entrepreneurship Mindset Bootcamp

Alex Mehr, Ph.D.
Founder & CEO of Mentorbox
Serial Entrepreneur (30+ products launched)
You will learn:
Learn how to think like an entrepreneur and apply this mindset to every facet of your life
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