Marketing Strategy
"Mastering the Mix of Digital, Affiliate, and Brand Advertising"
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7-Day Online Workshop
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Romain Galoisy
- Seasoned Marketing Executive
- Previously Chief Marketing Officer at Munchery and Vice Presient of Marketing at Zoosk
- 10+ years of experience
- Managed close to one billion dollars in Marketing
- Advertised in over 25 countries
- TV, Radio, Print, Online, Social Media, Mobile
- Trained over 100 Sales & Marketing professionals
Alex Mehr, Ph.D.
- Co-founder & CEO of Mentorbox
- Serial entrepreneur (30+ products launched)
- Founder of Zoosk (over $800m in Sales)
- NASA scientist
(More special guest speakers will be announced)
In this online workshop, we will show you:
  • Why your current Marketing plan isn’t working and how to fix it 
  • How to write effective and engaging sales copy that will demand immediate attention 
  • How to hone in on your specific target audience, drastically improving your return on investment
  • How to unclutter the metrics; we’ll teach you which numbers matter and which to ignore
  • How to quickly experiment with, test, and ultimately choose ONLY the most effective ad campaigns
  • How to think creatively; how to think at the cutting edge, avoiding useless clichés
  • How to maximize return, while minimizing risk on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Google
  • How to choose a realistic budget, and how to stick to it
  • How to create a step-by-step foolproof marketing plan for your idea or business
No previous Marketing experience required:
You will learn the keys to successful Marketing, whether you are a seasoned Marketer or have no prior Marketing experience
What You'll Get:
  • Step-by-Step Marketing System
  • Exclusive Marketing guide: How to use Marketing to test Product-Market-Fit
  • 4 new video lessons will be released every day in the online portal
  • 2 Live Q&A Sessions during the 7-day workshop
  • 2 Bonus Live Q&A Sessions after the conclusion of the workshop (30 and 60 days after the close to follow up on your progress)
  • 7 Workbooks (one for each day)
  • Bonus Lesson: Diagnose the root cause of a Marketing performance problem
  • Active discussion board for students and instructors
  • All materials will remain online for 30 days after the workshop, so you will be able to catch up and learn at your own pace
Registration Fee: $299 $89 this week only!
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