"Impress your friends making cocktails like a professional bartender..."
Mixology Master Class
Know Your Liquor
Develop Master Skills
Captivate the Crowd
Online Workshop
Starts October, 31st
Pre-Sale Tickets Available Now!

Carlo Splendorini

- Mixology World Champion

- Bar Director @ Modernist, San Francisco

- Previously Bar Manager at Michael Mina, San Francisco

- Started over 21 Restaurants

- Over 20 years of top-flight Experience 

- Master Infuser

In this online class, you will learn:
  • How to mix all the classic cocktails like a pro:  Old Fashioned, Gin&Tonic, Manhattan, Moscow Mule, Mimosa, Cosmo, and more...
  •  Exclusive his and her drinks so even your most demanding guests are in awe
  •  Learn the history of your favorite liquors
  •  Know which liquors to order for each cocktail; and which to avoid
  •  Learn how to tell the most hilarious and memorable origin stories of every cocktail
  •  How to pick specific brands depending on your style
  •  Know which brands you MUST avoid
  •  Special Mixology presentation techniques that will blow your guests away
  •  How to order drinks like a mixologist on a night out
  •  Know which bars to frequent, and more importantly, which to avoid!
  •  Special one-time admission to Modernist: San Francisco's most exclusive members-only bar (Not available for purchase any other way)
Pre-Sale Registration Fee:
 $199  $89 this week only!

HUGE BONUS: Includes a one-night admission to the most exclusive members-only bar in San Francisco: Modernist. The invitation is for you and your guest only. This is not available for purchase any other way.
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